Gas Can Stupidity!


When my children were younger we would go camping with our neighbors. When it came time to light the camp fire one of our neighbors would stack wood about four to five feet high cover it in gasoline and then throw a match on it. It was always spectacular to see it go off and I always made sure my kids were standing way back. On at least a few occasions an eyebrow was lost and a few burns were bandaged due to what was really not a wise way to start a fire. Yesterday on the Today show they had a story of how people have been injured or even killed by plastic gas cans exploding. The story said eleven people had been killed last year and they acted as if this was a national crisis! I don’t want to down play the deaths but I know there are more people like my neighbor, probably way more than eleven. I also know that when you add alcohol to this equation the number is surprisingly low. The cry was to make the companies that make the gas cans make them safer. While that isn’t a bad thing, it is impossible to make them idiot proof. The only way to take that number any lower might be to install a Breathalyzer to the can, but then the lawsuits will change to gas fume litigation.

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