Geek Holiday!

Today is an Apple geek Holiday! The new operating system came out for the iOS devices. I was in a meeting where several of us hit the refresh on our phones for ten minutes until one of us announced to the others “it’s available” Then as if it was a game we tried over and over to be the first one to have it installed. We texted each other updates on our progress, and since mine worked first I was victorious in showing it off to the others. As if the ten to thirty extra minutes it was taking for them to get it was an eternity we stood looking at my iPhone clicking buttons and sliding things back and forth. It didn’t matter I had it on my iPhone for a few minutes because I had it I was all of a sudden an iOS 7 expert. What do you think of this or that, as if my opinion was from years of study. This is the tech geek game. We all love technology and whoever gets it first gets to be the resident expert. For now, it is my turn!

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