Geekin’ Out

I am turning 50 in a year and three months. Yet there are things that still make me act as goofy as a teenager. Some things like watching Football or riding bicycles are connections to my youth, others are just things I enjoy. Figuring out some cool tech thing is one of them. Yesterday I got a brilliant idea! I wasn’t sure when a guy was coming over to the house to start working on the roof of our barn. It struck me that if I had a webcam I could just look at it from work to see if he was there. So I took the laundry basket and set my laptop on it looking out the sliding door of my bedroom toward the barn. Then when I got to work I connected to it remotely via the web and turned on the webcam and could see my barn. I thought myself smart. But the of course the video is OK so I started researching better webcams and how I could post it to my website, which I can. I burned my whole lunch hour figuring it out! This put a big smile on my face. I am not going to do all those things but just figuring out I could make me just silly. Something about technology and being able to do fun things with it really gets me going. I think this classifies me as a geek, but at fifty am I supposed to get over it? That ain’t gonna happen!

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