Give me real snacks!

happy-sweet-potato-92313-501So I was still hungry after I finished my lunch today. The options were to go floor to floor looking for the department which just celebrated something and plopped the leftovers in one of the break rooms or go see what struck my fancy in the vending machine. The choices are slim and kind of pricey. Several of the choices have a sticker which marks them as “Fit Picks”. I noticed the fit picks are the ones which have the least taste or appeal, but mostly they are the ones with a few fewer calories. But really the Sun Chips are 20 calories less than the potato skins, the popcorn is only 10 less than the jalapeño deep-fried chips, and I don’t want to know who is eating the cans of tuna salad. “Fit Picks” is really a way to get me to buy them over guilt not because I like them, I am also fond of opening the bag to find out that they are fewer calories because they are less quantity. This is going to cause me to troll the break rooms since I will be hungry again in a few minutes.

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