I am glad to care for something.

166-1013tm-cart-posesHave you ever thought about what makes us care about certain things? Some areas which are noble and good, I just can’t seem to get much empathy or energy up to help do something about. Other areas I have spent years and dollars to try to change. Why is that? Some can be explained by the events in my life, I care because they have happened to me or a family member and I want to make sure that those things don’t happen to others. Some things are just in me, I care because they affect me in a way that is beyond my experience or connects. They are the way God wired me. All of these make me want to make a difference, but figuring out how to go about making that difference is where I am struggling right now. I can’t fix them all, I can support and work with those who are doing something in some areas, in others I have chosen to go out to try and make a difference. These things are what get me out of bed every morning, which drive me, frustrate me, confuse me, but they make every day worth getting up for. Along with my family even when they are frustrating me, I am glad to have them. To not care about anything would to me, be far worse!

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