Go West Young Man!

Yes, my last name is West. It is funny to me to read how Kanye and whatever Kardashian he married named their kid North. Having a name that is a direction has proven to be quite ¬†entertaining over the years. Not as much as an adult but in grade school through high school there were those who could never call me by my first name or by my last name by itself. One particularly overgrown hyper-thyroidal guy would say “Go west young man” every time he saw me. Then with the laugh of a fictional giant, he would snort. I heard wild-wild west, James West, and the occasional western boots. Any variation which brought amusement to the teller, would be used and for some, would stick for the entirety of my schooling. This Kanye genius, has decided to give his child a two of them to make the schooling career of this child twice as fun! I know that money has never equaled brains and that all that money will be necessary for therapy, just by the nature of who her parents are. What I can’t understand is the lack of connection between what you name your kids and the ridicule that will be received because of it.

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