In God we Trust!

This week, I have heard complaints from some groups that we are forcing God into our government and government organizations. They say that the separation of Church and state is part of our laws and we have no right to even speak of God in these establishments. To that I say “Garbage”! First our constitution does not even mention this as some claim. This statement from a letter by Jefferson to a pastor was telling the pastor that the Government would not establish a national religion. Second, if you take most of our “National Holidays” they are rooted in Christian faith. Take Thanksgiving, all mention of God has been taken out of the official statements but just look at the original by Lincoln which I link here, you will see it was to be Thanksgiving with a purpose, A Christian Purpose! To deny we are a Nation with a Christian heritage is dumb, and to say we have to stop having that heritage is dumb. Just look at the facts of where we came from on sites like Wallbuilders. Equally, if you don’t want to celebrate or be a Christian you have every right to not  partake, there should be no pressure put on anyone to do something they don’t want to, but don’t try and tell the 80% plus by the last poll I saw, that we have to remove God from our money, pledge, holidays or government. If you are un-happy with hearing all the thanks and praise you can always move to another country, perhaps an Islāmic state would be more accepting of your complaints.

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