The golden age of boring TV!

logo_camera_film_crewMaybe it is because I am getting older, but watching commercials for the new TV season is not making me want to watch any of the new shows. The commercials all use the same technic, something bad is about to happen they flash multiple 2 second shots of all the main characters then freeze on one of them about to die. They then say to tune in to see what happens, but I don’t care. Unless the actor asked for a lot more money in the off-season, they will get out at the last second only to get into the same situation the next week. CS this or NC that it all seems to be the same, if it isn’t a law based show it is a dancing or surviving with someone you might have heard of. Somebody has to come up with something original soon, that isn’t on a cable channel I won’t pay for or too full of d-list stars I didn’t like in their fist time on television.

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