I just like a good pair of socks!

Wool SocksDoes it make me weird if I have a favorite pair of socks? Whatever your morning routines we get up maybe make the coffee, if you are really organized you have it setup so when you get up it is made. I take care of dogs and cats, letting them out to go to the bathroom and give treats to the dogs, get a cup of coffee and try to figure out what to have for breakfast. After breakfast I go back to my room shave and take a shower. I then go to the closet pick out and put on what I am wearing for the day. Then I sit on my bed, open my nightstand where my socks are not all of them are created equal; there are maybe three pair that are my favorites. They are the ones that when they are in the drawer are worn. If none of them are available I will dig a little in the drawer to see if they fell to the bottom. If I find them I get a small smile, it isn’t like they give me great joy, I just like a good pair of socks.

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