In government we trust?

nx_baboon_maleWhy is it every time we have a crisis in this country our government looks like a bunch of baboons climbing over each other to get to a piece of fruit? Is it our expectations? Is it the media? I do think that the press ask the stupidest questions, ones like “Can the government be curtain there won’t be any more Ebola out breaks?” I guess I don’t expect them to manage a crisis I expect them to offer assistance and resources to the local officials who should be running it. Instead we hire an outbreak czar who probably has no knowledge or skills in the area, to do what, photo ops? If this is meant to reassure me my government is competent, it is actually doing the opposite. We would do better to grab the doctor who just recovered from having it and putting him in charge of helping everyone else. I see him as probably the most knowledgeable and definitely the most motivated to see it not spread, because he knows just what it can do.

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