Do you know why grandparents and grandkids get alone so well? They have a common enemy! I can’t wait to have grandkids. I am lining up the things I am going to do with them and the things I am going to buy them. It is a list not so much as for them but for pay back. I have accumulated a short list.

1. Drums, oh yeah I am gonna love this. Get a loud set with cymbals.

2. Horns, gotta have a horn or two, or at least one of those toys that make really irritating sounds.

3. Anything with Barney. It has to play the song with Barney singing. Of course it also has to be one that is hard to shut off and has a button the kid can push over and over.

4. I am going to teach them saying like “Your Mom!” I am going to enjoy hearing that.

5. I am going to take them to the sugariest place in town load them up then return them to their parents. I will smile as I look in my rearview mirror as I drive away.

I know it is cruel, but hey I have to find something to enjoy my retirement with!

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