Grandpa’s Done!

I am sometimes amazed at the use of technology in industries you wouldn’t think of. Working for years in non-profits you don’t think about how others may need to use a computer or other things like wi-fi or mobile apps? Last week a mortuary needed us to put networking into a crematorium. Yes that is a machine in which they cremate people. Turns out their new machine has the ability to monitor the process with a iPhone app. Of course we began to wildly speculate on the options. Could you watch your loved one remotely being cremated? Could you record it like an ultrasound for later viewing? If it was a notorious person could you sell tickets for the online viewing. Does the app make a toaster popping up sound when it is done? Or maybe Siri could come up and tell you Mr. Smith is done! Of course it is less dramatic than that, it really lets you monitor the device and verify that the process is complete but it is fun to speculate! And who knows one day that might be true. It definitely helps them do their job, but to those of us who find the whole business a little creepy couldn’t help being a little weirded out by it.

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