The old gray mare……

jerusalem-donkey-1013tm-pic-1082I am turning fifty at the end of this year, yet every once in a while I go and do something stupid just to prove to myself I am getting old. Today I tried to play basketball against younger guys and multiple ibuprofen later I am still paying for it. My spine feels like someone took a baseball bat to it and my feet are laughing at me in a, this will sting for a few days kind of way. I don’t know why I keep thinking I can play with the kids, I was proud that I wasn’t winded or exhausted like I was before I started running, but getting banged around by guys bigger and younger than me is gonna do some damage. With the knot on my head and the possible concussion I am re-thinking the choices I made today. Hopefully I will learn from this, but I kind of doubt I will.

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