The old gray mare…..!

minimalicon_glassesIn the last five years my eyesight has gone from pretty good to blind as a bat. The eye doctor kindly told me “you’re just getting old”. Thanks for the update doc, I wasn’t aware that something’s aren’t working like they used to. For example my kids make fun of me because my ankle clicks when I walk. I broke it a long time ago and now to makes a clicking noise when I walk. Another thing when I bend down to pick things up I make old man noises on the way up. I never thought the word “oy” would be used in such colorful ways. Thou more and more things I do sound like I am old man I haven’t moved completely to the old folks home. I still listen to loud music but it is on the “classic rock” station. I haven’t yelled at anyone to get off my lawn and my dogs are still in the ninety pound range so I can still claim to be somewhere in the middle. The problem seems to be that if my life is a level, the bubble is leaning a little to the left and I don’t see it ever getting back to the other side.

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