Go hack someone your own size!

macI know a lot of people who have websites. Most of them are small non-profits or personal blogs which are not the high traffic monster sites like Amazon or Google. These sites don’t get a lot of traffic and most are just trying to help people. Yet almost all of them have had their websites hacked. I do not understand what they are hoping to gain by taking over the little ministry site. I know that sometimes it is just a learning thing for the hacker. They want to figure out how to get into sites so they pick a small one. You don’t learn how to catch a big fish by first attacking a whale but I think there is a special place in Hell for these people. You are hurting people who are doing good for humanity. Why don’t you go and attack a porn site. At least then you wont be messing with good people. The reason they wont do that is they know if they do, those guys will hunt them down and do bad things to them!

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