We all want to know what happened!

Airplane Taxiing Ready For Take Off To A Summer DestinationHow does an airplane just vanish? Have you thought about that this week? How can a giant tube full of people disappear with no trace? In the old days planes or boats took off from the shore and nobody knew if they made it or not until they landed or showed up at the docks. These days we have radar and sonar and satellites spanning the globe taking pictures and keeping track of everything in the air and on the ground. How is it we can’t find what happened to the Malaysian airplane? I know it isn’t as exact as I make it out, some of those technologies can only tell you where something is at any given moment, they don’t real-time track the planes every movement. It still seems that something should show up giving some kind of indication of what happened. Realizing that just recently two planes landed at the wrong airports tells me we don’t really know as much as we had hoped about all these airplanes. It also tells me that despite all the technology things can still happen which confound all our knowledge and supposed wisdom. I just hope we find out what happened for the sake of the families involved and I hope it doesn’t take long!

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