Happy National Iced Tea day!

ice-tea-1013tm-pic-1847Today is supposedly national “Iced Tea” day. I am not sure who gets to designate these days but I am sure it is someone who is highly paid to make such stupid decisions. Why should we have a day for Iced Tea, isn’t just about everyday over the temperature of 80 degrees an Ice Tea day? Maybe some organization like Lipton paid some money to get the day but why should I celebrate something not really in need of defending? Another question is if they let ice tea have a day do they have to give equal time to cool-aid? Is it like political ads where the day keepers have to keep it on the “up-and-up” by not showing favorites? I was not in favor of the UN taking over the Internet but maybe this is a task they could handle. That way the incumbents who are up for reelection can say they reduced the size of our government.

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