Happy St. Patty’s to you too!

st-patricks-dayI’m sorry but today I am going to get on my soap box! What the heck is wrong with people? Saint Patrick ’s Day is celebrated by downing large quantities of beer and eating corn beef and cabbage? Saint Patrick if the story is true was enslaved in Ireland for a several years then escaped only to return as a missionary. This guy actually came back to the very country in which he was held captive to bring the message of Christ, and we celebrate it with sobriety checkpoints and over indulgence! What happened? This tradition started in America and is more about celebrating heritage than the actual saint but come on, we have to stop taking days meant to remind us of where we come from and turning them into drinking games! Cinco de mayo, 4th of July to name a few were significant in the forming of nations and people, they are supposed to remind us that great sacrifices were made and struggles were overcome by our ancestors, not so we can remember them and that sacrifice with a beer! I don’t mind raising a toast or even put back a few, but you can do that on any day. Stop taking moments of value and turning them into reasons to forget!

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