I hate that life is like a box of chocolates!

How is it people who pick the winners in a football pool by the color of the team jersey are right more often than the guy who knows the game and does research? It seems the same sometimes with life, some people can make their choices by shaking a magic eight ball and it all works out for them, while others are studious and always pick the wrong road. It is the destiny verses arbitrary nature of life that baffles me. If I knew that my destiny was to be right where I am today would I have done all the things I have done to get here? Or If I sat back on my couch and played video games would the same things have happened? Does anything we do have any effect on the final outcome? I heard a preacher say once that God has predestined some but we don’t know whom. He said it would be so much easier if God had put a big S-shaped birthmark on them so we would know who to evangelize and who to leave alone. So instead we preach to everyone not knowing the outcome. It seems life is the same way, We keep trying and scratching for what we think is our destiny never really knowing what will eventually get us to the place where God wants us.

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