Things over heard at a tech conference.

Computer Technician Holding Laptop Cable RetroTechies can be different kind of people, especially when you get them together. I am at a conference with more than 25,000 of them so I thought I would share just a few things I have heard that you might not hear anywhere else.

  1. There are a lot less booth bunnies this year, last year I couldn’t find a tech guy to answer any of my questions.
  2. When this show was in Las Vegas people were not even awake this early. (it was eleven in the morning)
  3. This year’s backpack is better than two years ago, that one was just a backpack. (Different than the backpack we just got?)
  4. I would be proud to wrap that around a pole! (Heard at the booth of a company giving away a McLaren sports car)
  5. Were did all these women come from? I didn’t this many all week. (Heard at the evening party and concert)

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