Hello Snow!

Woke up today to the first snow of the season. Many a poet and philosopher have waxed eloquently on the changing of the seasons. What it means to the passing of time or to the phases of life. It is somewhat significant to life this change that comes around every year at this time.  It was funny to read all the comments about it on Facebook. Some requesting the snow retreat, others embracing it looking forward to the opening of the ski season. Snow for me reminds me of all the things I have to get done, and soon! Last two doors on the barn, winterizing of the trailer, draining of the sprinklers and more. Living in a place with seasons requires I work to prepare for those seasons. Once spring comes it all happens in reverse. Breaking out the mower and recharging the sprinklers hoping I did a good job of winterizing so I don’t have to repair the pipes! Each of these seasons has its moments. Sitting on the deck in shorts with a glass of ice tea enjoying a warm breeze, staring out the window at a snow filled yard sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, each bringing a feeling of joy in their own way. So as I broke out the sweater for work this morning I got a smile and embraced the change in the air and made a list of what to do after work!

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