Hey fan boy, time to expand your reading list!

logo_crusader_shield_swordI like the Lord of the Rings. I have read the books and seen the movies many times. I know a few lines and even can quote a few scenes from the movies. I however have never stabbed a car with a sword claiming it is the evil Morgoth! A story out of Portland my son showed me was about a guy who attacked a lady’s car with a sword dressed in chain-mail and a helmet. He told police he was a “high-elf” who was in battle with the above-mentioned evil caricature from the prequel of the lord of the rings stories. It isn’t hard to figure out that this guy has spent way too much time reading and probably fantasizing about the stories and shockingly enough he admitted he was on LSD at the time of arrest(yes that was sarcasm). This guy will probably spend a few days in the local mental facility, but mostly I think he needs to expand his reading library that way the next time he decides to take drugs he will have more choices of activities to do with cars.

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