How to get famous for Dummies!

I get that a lot of people are upset over the MTV awards, and mostly over Miley Cyrus’s rendition of an old Madonna trick.  The shock and awe performance got her the desired press and I am sure she is very happy with the results. But why are we shocked? Twenty years ago Madonna and others did the same things and we all jumped up and down about how terrible it was while they laughed at us all the way to the bank! This trick and others are straight out of the “How to get famous for dummies” guide! What blows me away is we keep falling for it like fish to a hook. The reason this works is we let it. We can no longer claim a moral society, thou the founding fathers envisioned a common good, it is no longer a truth. We have taken the good of the whole and replaced it with the good of the individual. The ultimate goal used to be becoming an upstanding citizen, it is now fame and fortune. This means that all tricks immoral, vulgar, or anything else are all part of the “bag of tricks” to reach for the prize. Since a moral obligation is no longer an argument they understand, the only way we can rid ourselves of this kind of behavior is to let our collective dollars speak. If we don’t buy what they are selling and don’t let them have the press they want, they will have to find other ways to get the attention they want. If we are truly outraged, don’t let our children buy their records. If we don’t want to see this kind of “entertainment” ask your cable company to remove MTV or just don’t watch it! The only thing to have gotten more buzz in social media was the last presidential election, which means they won once again!

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