How to make a million dollars!

Steve Martin used to have a joke in his routine about how to make a million bucks. He said OK, first, get a million dollars! This seems funny but sadly true. How do you make money? It seems it takes money, and the ones who have it seem to know how to use it. Take Carl  Icahn, this guy goes around ordering tech companies to buy back stocks or go public or private so he can make more money. He could use his money to invent stuff like the bra that tweets( I am not kidding look it up!) or helping small non-profits who are trying to help families and individual who are dealing with Special Needs(Just saying!) instead he just keeps making more and more money. So how does the little guy get in on this action? If I yell at Apple or Dell the only thing I might get is a youtube video like the women in the Apple store screaming about not having what she wanted in stock. Instead I scratch and claw to tell people about what we are trying to do to help people and hope they catch the vision and want to be a part of it. It seems really ironic that those who would give away a fortune to help others don’t have the money, and the ones who have it are clawing for more. Of course this is a generalization, I know of wonderful people who give millions every year to great causes, I guess the problem is they don’t know me!

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