I am drawing a blank

I am terrible with names! People tell me their name and I have forgotten it by the time it leaves their mouth. I feel terrible when I do this. I spend the rest of the conversation trying to remember what they said it was. Bob? No, that isn’t it. Maybe it was Greg, they look like a Greg to me! Sometimes I realize that I haven’t been paying attention to what they were saying because of the conversation going on in my head. When I meet them at some later date, I have to go through verbal gyrations because I know who they are but I haven’t got a clue what their name is. My wife will get upset at me for not introducing her to someone but I can’t say, “This is my wife, but I forget your name”. She has asked me afterward. Who was that? I have to tell her I don’t remember. I have tried a few tricks like repeating the person’s name back to them.  I even got that wrong. “Didn’t you say your name was Mark”? Maybe I should start taking Ginkgo biloba, or have my ears checked. Maybe then when I meet someone I know I don’t have to muddle through the inevitable awkwardness of trying to talk to them without knowing who they are!

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