I don’t feel food about this.

So I did something I never had done before. I bought a Powerball ticket. The Dolly Parton look-alike behind the counter looked at me in shock when I asked how to play. You mean you never bought a ticket before? she asked. No, so what do I do. The answer was give her the money and she handed me a slip of paper with some number on it. last night when I checked my numbers I realized just why I had never played it. I matched one number! One, I statically had a great chance of being mauled by a bear while being struck by lightning but I did it anyway. The stupidest part of the thing was the mind wandering I did the day about what I would do with the money if I won. Besides saving the world and sending my kids to the best colleges, I would have bought the coolest 4×4 I could think of. That is the part I can’t stand about the lottery. Not that it is money down the tube, or that my Christian friends think I will go to hell for playing. It is the unrealistic dreams of greatness. After learning of my fate which was all but certain, I still had to get up this morning and get to work.  I don’t feel any better about that this morning than I did yesterday, and I am fifteen dollars poorer. I at least could have spent it on a nice meal and gotten something out of it.

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