I H8 hashtags and texting!

It is bad enough that schools across america started teaching ebonics, we now have entire  subcultures who don’t even speak broken english. I am referring to the twits and texting crowd. I work in IT and we have more acronyms than any one else, but most of those are universal like USB or RAM. I can not read what some people write or what the send me thanks to the abbreviated world we are living in. I am a bad at spelling so just trying to get things spelled right is a challenge, don’t ask me to get this whole LOL/WT@/etc….. If you think about it, it is like we are returning to the telegraph, a series of dashes and lines that form a thought is transmitted, and the person on the other end has to translate and fill in the missing bits. The band named DEVO from the eighties had a theory behind the name of the band. They concluded we were De-evolving because of technology. As technology gets more and more ingrained in our lives we become less and less intelligent, to the point we are no longer are able to function without help. If you remember what kind of technology we had in the eighties, I would say they were kind of prophetic. And that is no LOL!

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