I love coffee!

I love coffee! It is not a like. A like is my new shoes or my (new to me) 1990 Jeep Cherokee.  I like these things, I spend time keeping the running and looking good. Coffee on the other hand is how I start my day. Nothing in it, just black and strong. Not any of the name brands, just grind up some french roast and brew it up! I can drink four or five cups before lunch and a few after and feel great. I can even drink a cup before bed and not be affected at all. I every so often get a Mocha but it is very rare. I also don’t drink it in a small cup, sixteen ounces or better at a time is just about right. A good day is when I can sit down with a cup and a laptop and wander the internet or work on one of the websites I am now building. In the evening I have a cup of green tea, and I like it, but it is no coffee! at this point I figure I should probably cut back on the intake but don’t want to. I don’t like the headaches or the other side effects and I really like drinking it. So like the speech from “Lord of the Rings”maybe someday, but it is not this day!

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