I love my Pets!

I love my pets, but some people take it way to far! We had a dog that got cancer, it was going to cost $1600 for us to give the dog Chemotherapy. So I asked the vet if there was any other treatment because I wasn’t going to pay for that. Now mind you, if I could write a check for that much money because I had tons more, I probably would have. I don’t have that kind of money so it wasn’t going to happen. We did do an alternative thing and the dog didn’t make it so we had to put him down. He didn’t last two weeks, so I don’t think any treatment would have worked. Some people are getting insurance for a pet or even as I discovered by going to a new clients. There are specialty clinics just for pets. The vet is no longer just the vet, you can now take your pet to an animal allergy clinic for specialized treatment. I know there are some things that are better left to a highly specialized vet but if my dog has the sniffles or a skin problem I am just going to go to the vet. even if I have to teach my dog to blow his or her own nose I think it is worth the savings versus a specialist. Because nothing says “I can’t afford it” like a vet specialist.

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