I owe my parents an apology!

What is it about the teen years that makes people a cranky know-it-all? We spent the last couple of weeks trying to find a lost gas card. Every inquiry to the possible locations was greeted with a grumpy reply. Have you looked everywhere? Was equally met with disdain. The very idea that we were questioning was somehow distasteful. Reminders that the card was a pre-paid card that still had a good amount of money on it was met with a retort, well dad you lost your wedding ring! Yes, I lost my wedding ring and I have not found it. The difference is I will have to pay to replace it, my son’s expectation is to hand him another card with money on it, and say thank you when I do! I have gone over the places I might have lost my ring with a metal detector, my son has sat on the couch changing channels hoping it shows up in his bowl of after-school nachos. Mind you, he is a good kid and this is more of an everyday battle than a major blow out. I just wish I could see some concern for the things we do for him. Then again I didn’t really see what my parents had done for us till I was in my twenties. I guess we have to keep pushing until he buys his own gas cards. FYI, the card fell out of his music folder yesterday.

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