I think I can’t!

I hate exercising! The whole thing of convincing myself that it is a good idea to run for five plus miles is ridicules! I ate this awesome giant skillet breakfast at Village Inn. It had chicken fried steak and eggs, potatoes and gravy over the whole thing! It was awesome! Except when I went to register how many calories in my tracking app. That one breakfast alone put me over my daily calories! So the guilt set in, as the day went on I felt a greater urge to get on the treadmill and pay for my sin! The conversation in my head goes like this. First mile; you can do this, no i can’t, maybe only a mile today. No, don’t be a wimp, you ate the skillet now make amends. Mile two; if I just look at the tv and not the counter on the treadmill it will go faster. Mile three; you are a girly man! Mile four; maybe I can go two hours, or at least add ten more minutes. Mile five; this is easy, you got this, you can do a ten minute mile in your sleep. At about sixty minutes the negotiations ended and so did the treadmill. I really don’t feel bad after I’m done but convincing my self to start is the worst. I just wish I could feel the way I did at mile five, but today I am back to hating to exercise!

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