I want to be my cat!

Have you ever watched your cat. Man my cats have it good! They have very few rules and they only have to follow them when you are looking. They climb on everything, they scratch everything, and are self-cleaning! They find a nice sunny spot in the winter and sleep in a ball, and during the summer they find a cool place and sleep all stretched out. They chase what they want and ignore you and everything else if they want. The best part is they make us clean up after them because they know if we don’t, we will find surprises in the box of laundry soap! If one of the dogs gets to close they just give them a claw to the nose and that puts them back in their place. And when they do want attention they just rub against my leg and purr. Yep, pretty much the worst thing my cats have to deal with is where to leave the hairball. Some days, like today. I just want to be my cat!

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