If technology worked?

The joke is. If technology just worked, I would be out of a job! It’s true, I just had to drive across town to reboot a network switch because it was kicking people off the internet. I could have done that remotely but I had to tell everyone before I could reboot it and no one would answer their phone. This is the part of technology that is really the issue. If I had just rebooted it I would have gotten a nasty call about my lack of people skills. Technology is not the real issue. It is our ability to use it. The switch wasn’t down I could still get to it. It was that users were not consistently able to get out to the internet so it seemed down to the users. Of course if it had been just the front desk that couldn’t connect or even one of the users it would probably waited till tonight for me to reboot which would have affected no one. But because the boss was having issues, it was an emergency. So really the joke is. If it were not for users, technology would be easy!

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