I’m just older!

I went to the eye doctor and said I can’t see anymore. Her response, your just older! I talked to a running coach and he said I need to be careful about injuries, being older!  I watched my hair fall to the ground as it is cut, and I didn’t recognize the color? When did this happen? Why haven’t we figured out how to stop time yet? One moment I was riding my motorcycle without a helmet. The next I am nursing old injuries? So I am 2 years from 50! This means I have set some crazy goals to prove to myself I’m not dead yet.  I am going to run a marathon, if my leg doesn’t fall off first. Yes I am nursing an injury. My ultimate goal is to run the Pikes Peak marathon. That is to the top (14,114 ft) and back. Today as I rub my sore leg I think this is stupid. What will this prove? Mostly that I am off my rocker! Tomorrow when I see some young kid on a motorcycle blow past me on the highway, I will think it is a noble cause! Maybe someday I will embrace my age and look at it as a badge of honor, but that day just hasn’t come yet. Right now I am fighting it!

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