I’m Offended, your Offended!

I have had just about as much as I can stand of or current politically correct culture. I’m not saying there are things that are just wrong to say, but I can’t figure out what is or isn’t going to offend someone. Am I supposed to say someone is Black, or African-American? How about Indian or Native American? All I can figure out is, no matter what I say someone will be offended. Every day I see that someone is complaining that they are offended by what someone said, I say get over it! We have real problems, our country is falling apart and instead of talking about our problems we are worried about everyone’s feelings. I am not saying there is a place for our emotions, but they now out way logic or the truth. We have to get back to speaking the truth and not worrying about how someone is going to take it. I am going to take the lead here and tell you it is OK to tell me the truth. I am not asking for you to be unkind, I know my hair is a mess, it has been for 48 years now, and I’m aware of some of my annoying habits. What I am talking about are we as people need to stop just telling everyone what they want to hear. It’s time to step up to being adults who act upon our problems without malice or emotion!

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