I’m ok, how about you?

Someone famous once said “if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”. This has never been my problem; my problem is getting what I love to pay for raising a family! It isn’t that I hate work, it sure beats not having a job, and I am grateful for the blessing of a steady income and most of what I do is at least interesting. Technology is not the front lines of helping humanity. It is the janitorial service. Fixing computers is never going to be the focus of a “feed the world” kind of mission. Computers help get the right things into the right hands in a timely manner, they do not feed the starving. Information is important but if you try to go out and fund raise to buy computers to save the world, you are going to have a hard time.  So providing my service for a non-profit is more of a logistical function. It will always be seen as too expensive and a necessary evil. You are kind of like an offensive linemen in football, the only time they call your name is on a foul. So, I am ok doing what I do till I get to do what I want to do!

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