Another industry on the way out!

Outside Facade Of A Movie Theatre In LondonWhen you walk into a movie theater lobby there is the overwhelming smell of one of my favorite snacks, popcorn. I love it, cover it in fake or real butter salt it till a horse can use it as a lick and I am a happy man. Not mind you because of the price at the theater for the popcorn, which if purchased at the local grocery store is about fifty cents worth but requires me to call in a request to raise the limit on my credit card to buy at the theater. I will eat through the large bucket before the movie starts which requires another outrageously priced purchase, a soda. Both of these come out to equal the price I paid to see the movie. This is why most of my movie experiences lately have been less that memorable. Twenty minutes of ads at the beginning and no popcorn just aren’t making me want to get in my car and come to your giant warehouse of screens. I can sit at home watch the movie, make microwave popcorn and drink soda if I want all for less than the gas it would take to get there. Hollywood better start figuring this out before, direct to my Roku, is the only way anyone spend money on a movie.

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