chiaHave you noticed that over the years some infomercials and commercials have come and gone? I remember the snuggly or perhaps the one about the spray on hair product that I just don’t see anymore. Then there are ones that have been on TV for twenty years and the just continue to run. Some even run the same commercial I saw on daytime TV when I would stay home sick as a teenager. The Chia pet is one of those that continues to play every night about 3am and on cable channels around Christmas. The idea of spreading salad fixings over a clay pot in the shape of a sheep or other shapes really doesn’t appeal to me in any other way other than a white elephant gift. I can see a small herb garden or tomatoes that grow upside down but the Chia is useless. Yet they must sell enough to continue to put commercials on TV. That was until last night the commercial last night introduced the Duck dynasty Chia that grows a beard. I have already thought of three people I must get one for! I also found out while on the website that I can get a Brittany Spears and Mr. T Chia. Perhaps I have learned the secret to the Chia longevity. Stars always look better with green hair.

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