Inventions we can’t live without

Lets be honest, there are not many things I can say we can’t live without. Food, water, shelter from the cold, the last one only counts if you live somewhere that gets cold. Along the equator I could live without the shelter but it sure would stink to not have somewhere to live. So really what is so important that we can’t live without them? If we change that statement to things that make our current life style possible then there are a few which come to mind.

1.The microwave. Nothing says modern culture like the microwave, where would we be without the ability to warm up our lunches to molten lava in less than two minutes. Eating lunch at my desk while I work would not be possible and the skin on the roof of my mouth would not be scared from the edge bites of a frozen burritos.

2.Cell phones. Not just the phone but the smart phone, which allows us to be in constant contact with all the people we wish would not call us. The new digital leash allows me to find out just where my kids are by GPS at any moment of the day. I can tell you I would not have survived if my parents had this technology.

3.Social media.  Never in the history of man have so many people had so little to say! I love to see what people are up to and I am hooked on finding out the latest news. Those come between the game requests and calls to repost something less I be thought not a Christian, conservative, or cat lover!

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