iPhone or Addiction?

cellphoneI forgot my iPhone at home today! I feel like I am running on one leg. I am attached to that thing like a newborn baby attached to his mother. I don’t feel whole without it. How did I get so attached to my phone? It isn’t hard to see I have become way too dependent on that thing. It has my calendar, I keep track of my calories on it and I count on it to tell me when I have new emails. When I need a break I play a quick game of solitaire or look at Facebook. Everyone I need to contact is stored in there and I have no idea how to call them without it! It sends me updates about the news and sports throughout the day and I even get texts about bad weather in my local area. When I don’t know how to get to my next appointment it gives me directions. The rest of the day I will be having little panic attacks thinking I left it somewhere in a conference room or somewhere else. I will pat my pockets every few minutes when I forget it is not there. I know I should probably get help or actually leave it at home more often, that way I can figure out how to survive without it!

1 thought on “iPhone or Addiction?

  1. I feel the same way. I am lost without my phone, mainly because of my calendar and my contacts but lots of other things also. I use to lug around a data planner so the phone is smaller and does a whole lot more. When I feel the need for a break, I simply turn it off. I own my phone, it doesn’t own me.

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