Thanks IRS!

I did it again this year! I waited until it later in this month to look for the tax forms I need. I have to file a couple of 1099-misc for people who did work for our Non-Profit ministry. I have to file just two but the smallest pack they sell at the store is a ten pack. And like every year they are out of them. So my choices are getting down to having to buy a pack of twenty-four or at some stores they only have the fifty packs left. Our library doesn’t carry the forms so the only other place to get them is at the IRS office on the other side of town. I always wait and then I always scramble to get them done. The annoying thing is that nothing changed on the forms from last year except the year printed in the corner. I still have eight from last year I could use if they would just allow me to print the year in the upper left corner. But no, I will end up with a stack of leftovers once again just because we can’t figure out how to do these electronically unless we have a hundred people working for us.

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