IT in the house!

In business, people love buzz words. In IT there is no shortage of them. Most come with a secondary buzz word like “framework” or “Process”. All of them have merit until they are brought into your organization and crushed under the weight of your company’s culture! A friend and I were discussing this over lunch. Why would it be easier to build an organization from scratch than to right the ship of a bad one? So many times I have tried to  get someone to explain to me why they did something over and over again, only to tell me it was because “we always do it that way!” Worst answer ever! If we don’t take a fresh look at what we are doing fairly often, we will end up being left behind. The IT world can be a real pain to the rest of the business if all they do is, what they have always done. Of course the opposite is also true. If you keep changing how you deliver technology, you will paralyze the business under instability. IT has to be a mix of change and managing the change well, for it to be truly useful.

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