It is Magic!

People who don’t work on computers or networks think it is magic sometimes. They look at me as if I am a wizard when I tell them its fixed. The reality is sometimes it is magic! A customers internet access was going down every few minutes called the internet provider they say everything is fine. Of course they always say everything is fine. I look at the network equipment, it all looks fine. So I reboot everything just to see if something will work. Sure enough, they comeback up. What was it that worked? I don’t know? I connect to each piece of the equipment, the server, the firewall, the network switch. Nothing tells me anything. So what do I tell the customer? Most of the time I have a suspect but how to prove it without replacing it is the trick. So usually I must have the same problem happen a few times so I can narrow it down to one or two likely candidates. This is where the magic is. Electronics don’t always fail 100% some times they just get buggy. So I have to play games with them to get to the issue. I guess that is why they are willing to pay us to do this for them.

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