I just can’t help it!

woman thinking in blue blank speech bubble on grey background.Ok, I know I can be pretty cynical, but some times I can’t help it. Opportunities to comment are just sitting in front of me like a softball sitting on the tee. They just call out asking me to hit them. I am sitting in a room with 20,000 plus computer geeks listening to an opening speech from the CEO.  They started with dancers and loud music followed it up with the marketing manager who talked about the company giving  $250,000 to charity during the conference then out comes the CEO who looks  like he just ate a prune and says he is glad to be here. Am I supposed to just sit here and not comment? Should I not lean over to my co-worker and make a smarking comment about his need for more coffee or better fiber intake? I know I probably should be better, but it just isn’t going to happen!

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