It’s a small world, my bacon!

Ok, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but this was just too funny! Apparently a gentleman was given $8000 from Disney after he was stuck on the “It’s a small world” ride for over a half an hour. The ride broke down and he had to listen to the that obnoxious song over and over until they got him out. I can think of no worse torture than to have to listen to that song. If they are not using it at Guantanamo Bay on detainees they should be! We would have gotten all the info we needed out of those guys just by playing it over and over till they give in. Even worse would be being stuck on one of those boats in an endless loop around the miniature culturally correct world of puppets! It is so obnoxiously sweet that diabetics are cautioned to not ride directly after lunch! Any ride on that should come with a cup of coffee or a mp3 player loaded with Ozzy Osbourne or Stevie Ray Vaughan to counter act the effects. Thank goodness my children are now older where I don’t have to be subject to it anymore. In my mind Disney got off cheap!

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