New jobs on day one!

NX_coal_miner_shovel_frontThere is a standing joke I have heard and used for years. When a new employee starts on the second day we say “You came back”. I have never had someone not come back, but I know many people probably wonder at the end of the first day of a job if they made a good decision. I have had jobs where I was really unsure how it was going to go based on the first day. Others it took me a while to realize I needed to find another career. How many times have I looked back and wondered what exactly I was thinking when I said I would take a job? Some paid great some did not, the quality of the job doesn’t always line up with the pay. Day two however has never been the day which I made my decision. Usually I stick it out for a bit longer before I decide so I don’t know why that joke is funny. I did use it today and myself and the three others standing around snickered at the thought!

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