Jumping the Shark?

There is a term in the TV business called “Jumped the Shark”. It apparently refers to a Happy Days (you must be over 40 to know what this show was) episode in which they had the Fonz jump a shark on water skis. The term is used to define when a show has run out of ideas and they go too far into stupidity to try to make an episode. I think non-profits need a term like this for when they go too far in advocacy. We could call it “Going PETA”. I am referring to the group people for the ethical treatment of animals. While I do agree we need to treat animals well and appreciate efforts to protect them from harm. I do however think that when you say that the killing of chickens is equal to what the Nazi’s did in Germany you have gone off your rocker! It seems that many groups start out with a great idea to advocate for a good and noble cause, but somewhere along the way they lose touch with reality. For example the guy who started green peace no longer is a part of the group. They say he sold out, he says they have gone too far. I know that not all the groups out there have “Gone PETA” many still do a great job of being the voice for good causes. I just wonder what the common factors are that keep some sane and send some for the ski-rope?

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