Just give me the choices…

I’m no fan of being told what I can and can’t do! The nanny state of New York for example,  telling people they can’t drink giant sodas comes to mind. If I am stupid enough to drink a 58oz soda, it is my problem not the governments. Of course the other side of this is they have not allowed health insurance companies to charge by the pound! They say it is discriminatory to charge us, over weight people more. I’m not saying it should be a wild west kind of thing, and as a parent of a kid with cerebral palsy, every time we have tried to get our own insurance we are turned down without even a blink of an eye. But should it be mandatory for the companies to give me insurance? Every time the government try to make things better, they seem to do the opposite. More regulations have rarely made a difference for the better. I think the government can encourage good behavior much like the new McDonald’s menu. Have you seen the menu? It has all the calorie numbers right next to the item, so when I am ordering I know what I am doing and I m not fooled that the double quarter pounder meal is going to lead to “big butt” syndrome! All of the health care options should have a cost next to them. If I want to be 100lbs over weight this is what it will cost me! If I want to ride a motorcycle here is the cost. I know not everything could be monitored and people would lie and then go do it anyway, but looking at the driving record or requiring a yearly physical would be less invasive than what we have now. Maybe if we hired McDonald’s to run our national health care, we could get it with more choices, it would certainly be faster, and it might come with a prize!

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