Be kind to your computer tech!

computerIT people have a few terms of endearment for users. I will not repeat them, but let’s just say not all users are created equal. I am a people person, I generally like people and most of the time I love helping them solve the issues they are having with their computers. That is most of the time, every once in a while you get a user who just rubs you wrong, they are the guy who knows everything, or the person who believes they are so important that you need to drop everything to serve them. Both treat you like you are not worthy of their time and breathing the same air should be a treat for you. Both of these kinds of people get annoyed when they are having a problem with a computer and act as if you are the incompetent. While I am not a vindictive person these people make me want to break something else on the computer and send them off with a new problem. What I have never understood, why would anybody treat someone who is trying to help them all the attitude? IF you treat your food server bad you might get nasty things in your food, if you yell at the auto mechanic you are probably aren’t going to get your car fixed right, and if you want your computer to work I suggest you bring cookies!

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