Ladies, help us out here!

Big QuestionLadies please help us guys out this time of year! No, we can’t read your minds and yes, we really have no clue what to get you no matter how much we love you! This annual game of if you really loved me you would know what I want has to stop. You ask us what we want we will tell you. Why is that so hard? Why must Christmas be a test of telepathy or intuitiveness? I have neither of these skills if you asked me to tear down a building I am your man, ask me to shoot or blow something up, I will do it today. Ask me to wander the mall in search of the perfect thing that says both I love you and respect you, you will probably get neither! I am not saying I am stupid or that on occasion that I might pick up that you had your hair highlighted. I am saying that given the current ability for me to decipher the code that is women, you might want to give us men more than a hint if you want to get a good gift.

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